Crud Arena: Defeat enemies and amass gold!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, if adjacent to thing attacks.

Gameplay: The playfield begins with several monsters and random obstacles, player begins with ~100 HP. Player HP decreases about 1 HP per second. Defeating a monster increases HP by 10 and awards random gold. Defeated monsters become obstacles briefly and respawn in a random location after a delay. Additional monsters spawn at regular intervals to (un)reasonable maximum. Monsters attack each other. If player is defeated, option to restart at moment of defeat with stats reset.

Strategy: Conserve movement. Attack where monsters are moving toward, don't chase them. Attack monsters who are attacking each other or stationary objects. Use obstacles and the edges of the play area to corner monsters, but don't allow yourself to be cornered. On average it will take 2 hits to defeat a monster, but could take as many as 10.

Thanks to the host of the Fall All-OGA Game Jam, all participants, and OpenGameArt contributors for making so many great assets available. Thanks too to for providing a great space for jamming and their attention to the HTML5 game experience.

 Written in Go using WebAssembly and WebGL. WebAssembly support and the framework used are experimental; bug reports are welcome in comments (the edge artifacts on monsters are a known issue).

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